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Understanding the Scale of Remote Control Cars to Find the Perfect Model

Understanding the Scale of Remote Control Cars

Complete Guide to Choosing the Scale of Your Remote Control Car


The scale of a remote-controlled car, from the mini drone to the majestic Ferrari thermal car, is a crucial criterion when purchasing. From the 1/87 miniature to the large 1/4 scale, each size offers a different driving and modeling experience, whether for a buggy, a truck, or a monster truck. This article explores the different scales to help you choose the one that best suits your needs and desires, whether you are a beginner or an experienced modeler.

The Importance of Scale in Choosing an RC Car

The scale of an RC car, whether a crawler, racer or radio-controlled drone, is a determining factor in the driving experience.

  • Small Models for Children : For young children (3 to 5 years old), small, fun models like the Majorette or Hot Wheels remote-controlled cars are ideal. Their attractive design and age-appropriate features make them the perfect choice for little ones.
  • Larger Models for Older Children : As children age, they can move up to larger scales, such as 1/32, for more detailed and realistic models.

The Different Scales Explained

RC car scales provide diverse experiences, ranging from miniatures to larger models.

  • 1/5 : Huge thermal models, ideal for off-road cars like monster trucks, equipped with 2-stroke engines.
  • 1/8 : Models frequently used for track or off-road cars, in thermal version with nitro engines, offering an intense driving experience.
  • 1/10 : The most popular scale, offering a wide variety of leisure models, both electric and thermal. These models are perfect for FPV racing or drifting sessions.
  • 1/14 and 1/16 : Perfect miniatures for tight spaces, these models are often electric and suitable for children. They provide an ideal introduction to the hobby of RC model building.
  • 1/18 : Similar to 1/16 models, perfect for kids new to driving, these little cars provide a fun and educational driving experience.
  • 1/24 and 1/28 : The smaller scales, often chosen for mini-z, are popular among model enthusiasts for their realism and detail.
Understanding the Scale of Remote Control Cars

Choose According to Your Use

Your choice of RC car will depend on where you plan to use it and your personal preferences, whether you are attracted to asphalt racing, drifting, or off-road adventures.

  • Use and Desire : Think about the environment in which you will use your car, whether for drift competitions, FPV races, or simply for leisure with an electric or thermal model.
  • Technical Characteristics : Beyond scale, consider aspects such as power supply type, design, driving capabilities, suitable terrain, as well as price, taking into account LiPo batteries, brushless motors or nitro, and piloting capabilities.


Understanding the scale of remote control cars is important for model building enthusiasts and parents looking for an ideal toy. Each ladder offers a unique riding experience and suits different needs and preferences. By considering the intended use and playing environment, you will find the ideal RC car to meet all your expectations.

Whether for model enthusiasts, fans of off-road RC cars, or those looking to pilot more complex RC vehicles like drones or RC helicopters, there is a scale to suit every passion.

Also consider visiting your local model shop to check out the latest thermal and electric RC cars, as well as get advice from experienced modelers. Whether you opt for a sleek Ferrari RC model, a sturdy monster truck, or a nimble buggy, the world of RC model building offers a range of fascinating possibilities for all ages and skill levels

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