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How to make a springboard for a remote control car?

How to make a remote control car springboard
Article updated in January 2024*


Building a springboard for your remote control car can radically transform your driving experience. This guide, written by an expert in RC modeling, will show you how to create a safe and effective springboard that will bring an extra dimension of fun and challenge to your RC car races.

Build a Mini Portable Springboard

In this update we explore how to make a portable mini diving board for under $100 , ideal for indoor or garden use. This simple, cost-effective design is perfect for RC enthusiasts who are confined or have limited space.

Materials Needed

Choice of Material: Opt for wood or rigid plastic, materials that are both robust and lightweight, perfect for the structure of your springboard. Essential Tools: Prepare tools such as a saw, hammer, nails, or glue gun, essential for your DIY project.

Materials for the Mini Springboard

For this mini springboard, you will need:

  • A board 50 cm wide by 1.50 m long and 9 mm thick.
  • A larger board of 1 m by 1.50 m and 15 mm thick.
  • Two rafters 2.40 m long and 8 cm thick for the structure.

Springboard Design

Optimal Size and Angle: The size and angle of the springboard should be chosen according to the type of jumps desired. A sharper angle promotes more spectacular jumps.

Focus on Stability: The stability of the base is crucial to avoid tipping during use.

Mini Springboard Design - Curve Radius: Use a radius of 2.40 m to trace the curve on the board, ensuring a regular and functional shape.

Springboard design

Construction Process

Cutting Parts Precision is key when cutting materials for your springboard:

  • For Wood (Plywood or MDF): Thickness from 12 mm to 19 mm for plywood, 12 mm for MDF.
  • For Plastic (PVC or Polycarbonate): Thickness of 12 mm for PVC, from 6 mm to 12 mm for polycarbonate.

Construction of the Mini Springboard

  • Use the cut board as a template for both sides of the springboard.
  • Cut the rafters to 40 cm width to connect the two sides.
  • Screw the crosspieces at the bottom, in the middle, and at the beginning of each side for strength.
  • Add reinforcements along the springboard and lay the top board, ensuring alignment.

Assembly of the Structure

Assemble the pieces to form the springboard, paying particular attention to the base and the ramp:

  • Springboard Base :

    • Secure the base securely using nails or wood screws. For plastic, opt for a suitable adhesive such as epoxy glue or a special plastic glue, which offers strong adhesion and impact resistance.
    • Ensure sufficient stability to support the ramp and impacts.
  • Attaching the Ramp :

    • The angle of the ramp is crucial: an angle of 15 to 30 degrees is ideal for jumps balanced between height and distance.
    • Attach the ramp to the base, ensuring it is solid and the angle is correct.
  • Tests and Reinforcements :

    • After assembly, test the structure under a weight similar to that of your RC car. Reinforce unstable areas with additional fasteners.

Finishing and Safety

  • Wood Treatment : If wood is your material of choice, apply a sealant or protective paint to protect it from external elements.
  • Adaptation to the Environment : Select your materials according to the environment of use. For the exterior, choose materials resistant to climatic conditions.

Testing and Adjustments

Springboard test

Jump Trials:

Test the springboard with a sturdy RC car and adjust as necessary for optimal performance. Safety Check: Make sure the springboard is secure and poses no risk to the user or the car.

Safety tips

Landing Zone: Provide a suitable landing zone to secure landings, especially for jumps made with the mini springboard.
Supervision Necessary: ​​Supervise the use of the springboard, especially if children are involved, and even more so when using the mini springboard due to its ease of access.


A well-designed springboard can provide hours of entertainment and challenge for you and your remote control car. With creativity and a little DIY, you can significantly enrich your RC driving sessions.

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